Check list of websites registered with KOBIT

How to check the list of websites registered with KOBIT. 


Select KEYWORDS from the menu bar.



You will see websites tied to the Search Console under the List of SEO Keyword Analysis Website.

If the website is not registered with KOBIT


If the website is registered with KOBIT


Please confirm that all websites that are tied to the Search Console you linked to your account are showing on this list.


To register a website


If you would like to newly register a website as a Report Output target, click on the “Register” button (plus sign icon).

This will take you to the registration page. For details, see Register a website with KOBIT .

To edit or delete a website


If there is a website that you would like to delete from KOBIT, please click the edit button (gear icon).

For details, please see Delete a website from KOBIT .

For any other inquiries, contact us by filling out the form here.


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