Check list of reports

How to check the list of report. 


By default, the list of Analytics Reports will show. Please click on the list of SEO Keyword Analysis Reports.


This will show the list of SEO Keyword Analysis Reports.

Please confirm that a list of the reports created with KOBIT, as well as the list of reports of months available to create reports are shown.


Search: by Report Name


You can filter by the URL of the website registered to the Search Console. Any partial match to the search will be shown.

Search: “Search with the above filters”


The website will perform a search based on the Report Name.

The results will be shown in a list at the bottom of the page.

List: Year and Month


The result will show the target year and month of the report.

List: Report Name


The result will show the report name.

If you have not yet created a SEO Keyword Analysis Report, please try creating one by following the steps on Create Reports .

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