How to export Keyword Analysis from search consoles to Excel

At KOBIT, it is possible to evaluate the keywords that bring inflow to your website, based on Search Console data. 

What kind of report is created?

We collect information such as inflow keywords, Click-through Rate (CTR), Order of Appearance, and areas of improvement, and export the data in an Excel sheet report.

For details, please see About the KOBIT SEO Keyword Analysis (Search Console) Report .

What are the fees?

The monthly fee is 5,000 yen per website. Since we do not have a minimum contract period, you will be able to create reports whenever and however many necessary. However, please note that unless you cancel the report, the contract will be renewed every month.

Do I have to register to use SEO Keyword Analysis Reports?

You will have to register as a user with KOBIT. After your registration, you need to choose a website that is linked to a Search Console to analyze and enter its information.

After you finish entering the website’s information, it will take less than a minute to create an Excel format report.

For instructions on how to register as a user with KOBIT, please see Manage User Accountt.

Where do I create a report for a registered Search Console?

For Search Consoles that have already been registered, you can create and download reports from the Manage Reports screen.

Please see About the KOBIT SEO Keyword Analysis (Search Console) Report for details.

For any other inquiries, contact us by filling out the form here.


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