How to create PowerPoint and Excel format Traffic Analysis reports automatically from Google Analytics

At KOBIT, we perform Traffic Analysis based on the data obtained from Google Analytics and create reports in PowerPoint or Excel format.

What kind of report is created?

From User Attributes Analysis to Funnel Analysis, we provide a comprehensive analysis on your website and create a 12-page PowerPoint report. Also, for clients who prefer to have only the data rather than PowerPoint slides, KOBIT also exports an Excel file that contains all analysis data used in the report.

For details, please see KOBIT Analytics (Google Analytics) Report Manual .

What are the fees?

There are two types of KOBIT Analytics Reports:

  • Monthly Report
  • Specific Period Analysis Report

Monthly Report

Our Monthly Reports are delivered automatically every month, and are created using data from the previous month. The monthly fee for these reports are $50 per report. Since we do not have a minimum contract period, you will be able to create reports whenever and however many necessary. However, please note that unless you cancel the report, the contract will be renewed every month.

For the first time, we started a free of charge campaign available for every user

* For the month that has generated the first report, usage fee does not occur, but usage fee will submit after crossing the month.
Cancellation is always possible, so if you do not wish to continue using the service, please cancel the procedure.

※ Only the free creation is limited to the generation of the initial report.
Please, be aware that fees will incur if multiple reports are generated within the same month.

Specific Period Analysis Report

Our Specific Period Analysis Reports create reports for a specific time period of your choice. This report requires a one-time fee of 10,000 yen per report. We recommend our clients to choose the type of report that best suits the type of Analytics they like to perform.

Do I have to register to use KOBIT Analytics Reports?

You will first have to register as a user with KOBIT. After your registration, you need to choose a website that is linked to Google Analytics to analyze and enter its information.

After you finish entering the website’s information, it will only take a minute to create a report.

For instructions on how to register as a user with KOBIT, please see Manage User Account.

For instructions on how to register websites with KOBIT, please see Manage Analytics (Google Analytics) linked with KOBIT .

Where can I create a report for my registered Analytics?

For Analytics that have already been registered, you can create a report from the Manage Reports screen.

Please see Manage KOBIT Analytics (Google Analytics) Monthly Report for details.


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