Important settings to check prior to registering Analytics

In order to ensure you receive KOBIT reports with more value, we recommend that you check the below settings on Google Analytics. 

  • Goal (Conversion) Settings
  • Demographics Settings

Create Goals – Strongly Recommended

At KOBIT, we create useful reports based on the Goals set in Google Analytics.

Because so, if you have not set a Goal in Google Analytics, we strongly recommend that you do so prior to registering your Analytics.

Please see below on how to set Goals.

“What do I enter in the pages, ‘Goal Page’ and ‘Funnels’?”

Demographics – Recommended

At KOBIT, we create the User Attributes (Demographics) page based on the Demographic Information collected through Google Analytics. If you have not set up Demographics correctly in Google Analytics, this page will not be created.

Please see below on how to set Demographics.

“What does it mean to ‘Set up Demographics’ on Google Analytics?”


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