What does it mean to ‘Set up Demographics’ on Google Analytics?

What are Demographics?

In general, Demographics means:

Attributes in Demography. In other words, Socio-Economic characteristics or attributes of a person such as gender, age, living area, income, occupation, academic record, and family structure.

Information that could be obtained through Google Analytics

By setting up “Demographics” in Google Analytics, you will be able to learn attributes of the users who visit your website.

More specifically, you will be able to find out:

  • Age distribution of users
  • Gender distribution of users
  • Distribution of the users’ categories of interest

This information will help you understand and make educated suggestions on improving the website. For example, if your website was intended for female users, but instead, the demographics information showed that it is attracting male users, it could be an indicator that the website content does not match the targeted audience. With this information, you can find out opportunities to improve your website.

How to set Demographics

Let’s see how you can set the Demographics.

First, select the account you would like to edit on Google Analytics, and click “Admin”.


Second, select “Property Settings”.

Lastly, set “Enable Demographics and Interests Report” to ON. 

With these three steps, your set up is complete.

It may take some time for the data to be reflected on Google Analytics.

Usually the data gets reflected within 24 hours, so please check back on Google Analytics after 24 hours.


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