What do I enter on the ‘Funnels’ if I am conducting Cross Domain Tracking?

What are the Funnels?

The Funnel is an indicator used in KOBIT’s   “What do I enter in the pages, Funnel Analysis on Your Company’s Website ” report.

These are the pages that users visit on the website prior to reaching conversion.

For details, please see the related question “What do I enter in the pages, ‘Goal Page’ and ‘Funnels’?”


What would be the relative path when conducting Cross Domain Tracking?

The Process to Achieve Goal is set when “What do I enter in the pages, registering analytics, and usually, users are required to enter relative paths.



However, if users are conducting Cross Domain Tracking on Google Analytics, the report will not be produced correctly if users enter a regular relative path.

In this case, please follow the two steps below:

  1. Go to “Behaviour” and then “Overview” on Google Analytics
  2. Check the paths for each page on this screen


Confirm the path for the page that you would like to use as the Funnels, and register its URL on KOBIT.


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