Profit calculation sheet

Report – Profit calculation sheet


This page will calculate the profit made by operating the website by looking at the number of inflows and conversion rates, and analyze how much sales are made from them.

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1. Analysis

This section will show an analysis of how much profit will be made for each additional access to the website, by calculating the number of inflows, conversion rate, and average unit price of the month.

2. Calculation of Lifetime Client Sales

This section will calculate the number of inquiries using the number of inflows and conversion rates. Then, the sales conversion rate will be multiplied to see how many of the inquiries actually lead to profit. If the actual number of orders received is also included in the calculation, it will be possible to predict the number of sales for the month.

Lastly, by multiplying the average number of repeats by the clients, it will also be possible to predict the lifetime client sales.

On how to set the sales conversion rate, average unit price, and average repeat rate, please see register analytics .

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