Inflow source analysis

Report – Inflow source analysis


This page analyzes the inflow source of the website, such as organic searches, email, and Social Networking Services.

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1. Analysis

This section will analyze the number of sessions and conversion rates by inflow source (organic searches, search engine ads, social networking services, external websites, direct inflow, email links, display ads, affiliated links, other ads), and suggest opportunities for improvement on the website.

Direct inflow is when a user accesses the website by entering the website URL directly into the address bar. Accesses through bookmarks are also considered a part of direct inflow.

2. Analysis by inflow source

This section will show the number of sessions, new visit ratios, number of bounces, bounce rates, number of conversions, and conversion rates by each inflow source.

Further, if the conversion rate is low and needs improvement, the cell will be colored in red, and if the conversion rate is high and it is expected that the number of conversions is expected to further increase when the number of sessions increases, the cell will be colored in blue.

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