Register for a Specific Period Report


On the Add Analytics page, click on the “Specific Period Report” button.



Registration screen for Specific Period Reports

In the screenshot above, if you click on the button “Create specific Period Report”, you will be taken to the screen below. Please enter the information necessary and create the report.



Subject Period – Start/End Date

Enter the time period of the data that you would like to use to create the report. (Please note that once you register a period, you will not be able to change it after.)

Your Client Info – Client Company Name

Please enter your client’s company name.

The company name entered will be printed on the front page of the report.

Calculating your Profit – Average Sales Amount

Please enter the Average Unit Price of the marketed product.

Calculating your Profit – Contract Rate

Please calculate the amount of sales made versus the number of inquiries received, and enter the value of (number of inquiries/total sales) x 100.

Calculating your Profit – Frequency (times)

Please enter the number of times the marketed product has been repeatedly purchased.

Your Goal Page – Goal Page

This page will show the list of Goals set in Google Analytics.

Please select a goal of your choice.

Your Goal Page – Funnels

Please enter the URL of the process to achieve your Goal in relative path form.

For details, please see “What do I enter in the pages, ‘Goal Page’ and ‘Funnels’?”

Language settings – Language

Please select the language you would like to use in your report, from English and Japanese.




Click on the “Register” button, and register the Analytics.


Next, the payment confirmation screen will show. Please click “Registration complete” once has been introduced the credit or debit card accepted to complete the transaction. The screenshot above shows the screen that will show when you select Credit Card as your method of payment.


After you click “Registration Complete”, the “Payment Complete” page will show.

This concludes the registration for a Specific Period Report.


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