How much does it cost to use KOBIT?

KOBIT provides two types of reports:

  • Analytics Report (an analysis of the Google Analytics data)
  • SEO Keyword Analysis Report (an analysis of the Search Console data)


Analytics Report

Further, there are two types of reporting for the Analytics Report:

  • Monthly Report (a service where a report is created automatically every month, with analysis of the data from the previous month)
  • Specific Period Analytics Report (a service where reports are created with analysis of the data from a specific period)

Monthly Reports

For Monthly Reports, there will be a monthly fee of $50 per report.

For the first time, only on the monthly period report, we started a Free Trial campaign.

Please, read the release note below for further details.

Generate your FREE Analytics KOBIT Report - Details

Specific Period Analytics Report

For Specific Period Analytics Report, there will be a one-time fee of $100 per report.

SEO Keyword Analysis Report

SEO Keyword Analysis Reports will require a monthly fee of $50 per report.


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